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Stevey G

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Stevey G

Steven Greitzer works alongside Gaston Siciliano, CEO of FK Irons and Microbeau International. His guidance and mentorship has extended Steven’s knowledge into machine-building and product development. Steven and Gaston designed and produced the Apollo SMP machine – the first dedicated machine for scalp micropigmentation. 

Steven has been recognized by Team Micro International, nominated for Best Trainer in North America as well as Best Technician. He was awarded “Outstanding Contribution to SMP” at the Team Micro Meeting of Minds 2018 where he also sat on the Technical Expert Panel, and again in 2019. He was honorably awarded at IPCS 2019 in Miami.

Steven is also sponsored by Microbeau International, a division of FK Irons, one of the worlds top tattoo manufacturers. Being a Microbeau Elite Artist and Apollo SMP Pro artist is a huge accolade. He also manages the Apollo SMP Pro Team. 

He offers training for beginners and advanced students in scalp micropigmentation, SMP color theory and machine science. These classes are available in private or group sessions.

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