Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

While you may have heard of microblading, the cosmetic procedure that helps you achieve full brows, did you know that there’s a similar process for your scalp? Known as SMP, or scalp micropigmentation, this practice helps you create the illusion of fuller hair. The goal is not to create hairlike lines like microblading does, but instead to add layered, tiny dots in different shades of black to create natural-looking definition and depth.

When you opt for SMP, it will be performed by a skilled technician, and they will make sure that the dots replicate the natural hair follicles and blend in with your complexion. The procedure has proven to be very effective for various people who experience all different kinds of hair loss, including alopecia, cancer, thinning hair, pattern baldness.

But the real question is: does it hurt?

We’ll address this concern below.

What Can You Expect?

Everyone’s pain threshold is completely different. Something relatively comfortable for one person might induce excruciating pain in others. It’s all about understanding what you can handle and whether the potential discomfort is worth it.

Regarding scalp micropigmentation pain, the same applies. It can be more painful for some but less for others, and practitioners will never know how a patient will react until they are undergoing the procedure. However, they put precautions in place, including numbing cream if they and the client feel they need it.

Most people describe the SMP procedure as creating light pain. Once settled into the practice, this mild discomfort settles, and the feeling is replaced by just a sensation. Clients have said scalp micropigmentation pain is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but also not the most uncomfortable – just very noticeable.

How Can You Manage It?

If you are worried you will be very sensitive to SMP pain, there are a variety of things you can do to suppress it, including:

  • Have a playlist to distract you.
  • Use the previously mentioned numbing cream.
  • Take a codeine-based pain killer before the procedure.
  • Go into the procedure with a positive mindset.

It’s All Worth It

If you are considering SMP, remember that the pros outweigh the cons. Yes, there will be some pain and discomfort. However, the end result is why you are opting for the procedure in the first place, and the procedure is a short experience that changes your whole life for the better.


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