The World’s First Permanent

Alopecia Cover-Up

One of the world’s most popular solutions for alopecia, scalp micropigmentation provides a remedy for all types of alopecia including areata, totalis, traction, barbae and scarring alopecia.

We have treated hundreds of clients who were experiencing different types of alopecia and we understand how difficult the journey can be in the search for a real solution. There is no cure for alopecia, only a range of treatments that often yield little or no positive results.

Scalp micropigmentation is the ONLY guaranteed, permanent solution for alopecia sufferers. SMP does not cure alopecia, but it does provide a highly effective camouflage for alopecia-related hair loss as long as the artist who performs your procedure is skilled in this specific subset of SMP treatments.

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SMP Treatment


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How Can SMP

Help You?

If you are experiencing alopecia areata, we create a customized treatment plan with the objective of matching your hair density in the affected areas to that of your healthy hair.

If your alopecia is more aggressive, or has progressed to alopecia totalis, we are able to recreate your entire head of hair for a look that is completely undetectable to the untrained eye. Of course, if your natural hair grows back, your SMP pigment deposits simply provide additional density and are not easily visible under the hair that has grown back.

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