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SteveyG is one of the few artists worldwide who are able to correctly and professionally execute effective scalp micropigmentation treatments on female clients.

He is an expert at color theory, essential for female clients who want to keep their hair at any kind of length, and uses techniques to perfectly match the follicle and the hair color. Scalp micropigmentation can give women back the appearance of density, and re-define the frontal hairline. This works for any age and any hair color. This also will not affect the growth and you can still wear your hair any way you’d like and also color it.

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SMP Treatment


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How Can SMP

Help You?

Losing your hair can be extremely stressful as a woman. But we are here to help. We understand what our clients are going through and know that we have the perfect solution for you. You no longer have to worry about any bad hair days, even if you are experiencing the effects of alopecia, and know that the procedure we perform will be absolutely perfect. No more worries about hair loss enables you to truly put the issue behind you and move on.

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