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Steven Greitzer is a world-leading scalp micropigmentation practitioner. One of the longest tenured artists in the industry, Stevey G has been in the SMP game since 2012. Known for his hyper-realistic techniques that are virtually undetectable, Stevey G is a pioneer, an advocate for education and a developer of products that are now widely used worldwide. Credited with designing the worlds first dedicated SMP machine, the Apollo, Stevey’s experience is unmatched. He has curated his technique over his long career to become the most in-demand artist in Miami.

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Industry Pioneer


Since his SMP career began way back in 2012, Stevey G has become one of the world’s leading experts in scalp micropigmentation, scalp tricopigmentation, FUE, and FUT scar camouflage, SMP color theory and machine theory, and utilizes his own highly advanced version of SMP. 

Most Wanted Artist


With over 11 years of experience in scalp micropigmentation and extensive collaboration with the worlds biggest brands, Stevey G has become one of the industry’s most sought out artists, trainers and speakers.

Award Winning


Steven has been nominated and has won countless awards for his contributions to the SMP industry. His most recent accolade being “Outstanding Contribution to SMP” at the Team Micro Meeting of Minds in 2023.

World Class Training


Learn from a trainer with experience. Steven’s collective knowledge from well over a decade in the field has allowed him to create a unique learning experience. Being in the field this long allows a unique perspective in knowing how procedures age over time.

Unique to Stevey G


Our scalp micropigmentation training program is delivered over 3 days, and is arguably the most comprehensive training course in the industry. This course is rich in science, medical, technical and machine theory, and equips students with the latest and most advanced techniques.

You will leave with 3 certificates:

Advanced Color Theory for SMP, Machine Expertise and Scalp Micropigmentation Fundamentals.

The experience you gain in this class is unmatched. 

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